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UK and Europe Travel Travel throughout Scotland and Europe using Motorhome Rental. We help independent travellers decide on the best way to see Scotland offering caring service and terrific value deals. Scotland RV Rental depots located at Edinburgh & Glasgow.

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Atlas Motorhome and Campervan Rental - Motorhome and Campervan hire for vacations in Scotland. Say goodbye to Bed & Breakfast, Self Catering and Hotels and take your accommodation with you.At Atlas we pride ourselves in helping our customers create the perfect holiday in Scotland. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just plainly love touring and exploring the world, we will ensure you get the most from your holiday.
Freedom of Scotland Motorhome Hire - Camper Hire in the UK with depot in Dunoon.Our Motorhomes are easy to drive which helps you relax and enjoy your holiday, at rest they make a great base, warm, spacious and comfortable. This leaves you free to roam...sample the stunning highland scenery...visit our historical buildings...enjoy the vibrant lifestyle in our cities...just laze on the beach.
Glory Days Motorhomes - Hire one of our luxurious, brand-new motorhomes, which can accommodate up to 6 people to ensure that you keep great company whilst exploring. Experience all that Scotland has to offer through either following one of our recommended itineraries or letting us personalise a unique adventure for you, at our very competitive prices.
Lothian Cravanette Hire - Campervan rental in the Scotland with depot in Gorebridge, Edinburgh.There is style of travel that appeals to people who really want to discover something new. People who don't need the security of organised holidays, who need freedom and flexibility and want to go somewhere different from the rest of the crowd. If this is you, touring in one of our luxury motorhomes will give you the freedom and flexibility you desire.
Hebridean Campervan Holiday - Motorhome Hire in the Scotland with depot in Dundee Scotland .When you book a motorhome from Hebridean Campervans you will enjoy the convenience and comfort of the very latest Swift Suntor Sundance 590 RS Motorhome.

Highland Motorhome - Camper rental in the Scotland with depot in Elgin.From the glorious mountain panoramas to the dramatic splendor of the rugged coastlines, the Highlands of Scotland are an ideal place to take a touring holiday in the comfort of a modern motorhome.

Motorholme - Campervan rental in the Scotland with nationwide depot. Get more for less with MotorHolme - we've more motorhomes in more locations than anybody else!
Open Road Scotland -  Motorhome Hire in Scotland. Luxury RV / Motorhome rental for touring holidays in Scotland. Best vehicles, best rates and lots of helpful route ideas and advice to plan your holiday in Scotland.

Sidewaulk Camper Hire -  Camper Rental in the Scotland with depot in Stirlingshire.We are based in Scotland at Stirling - Braveheart Country and gateway to the Highlands. This is the perfect starting point for your holiday adventure.

Scottish Tourer Motorhome Hire Scotland - Looking to hire a motorhome in Scotland? Then you have hit the spot! A very warm welcome to Scottish Tourer, motorhome hire. Here you will find information, rates and hopefully the inspiration to enter into the wonderful world of motorhome touring.
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Explore the Scotland landscape with a Camping Cars, Campervan, Motorhome or Camper from one of the above Scotland Camper hire companies. With a Recreational Vehicle hire, you have the complete freedom to discover the Scotland Countryside at your own pace with no strict timetables or hotel check ins.

Stop when and where you want to ! Have the convenience of storage space where you can take all the essential items that you require for your family vacation up in the mountains or alongside a river or down on the beach.

Create life time memories with a Scottish self drive camper rental. Experience the adventure of the open road with your Scottish Camper Rental and enjoy great value for money (especially for families) with being able to prepare your own meals plus also the bonus of spending quality time with the family.

Facts About Scotland
Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: Alba) is a nation in northwest Europe and one of the four constituent countries[1] of the United Kingdom. It occupies the northern third of the island of Great Britain and shares a land border to the south with England. It is bounded by the North Sea to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, and the North Channel and Irish Sea to the southwest. Apart from the mainland, Scotland consists of over 790 islands.

Edinburgh, the country's capital and second largest city, is one of Europe's largest financial centres.Scotland's largest city is Glasgow, which is the centre of the Greater Glasgow conurbation. Greater Glasgow is home to approximately 40% of Scotland's population. Scottish waters consist of a large sector of the North Atlantic and the North Sea, containing the largest oil reserves in the European Union.

The Kingdom of Scotland was an independent state until 1 May 1707, when the Acts of Union (despite widespread protest across Scotland) resulted in a political union with the Kingdom of England to create the Kingdom of Great Britain. Scotland's legal system continues to be separate from those of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and Scotland still constitutes a discrete jurisdiction in public and in private international law. The continued independence of Scots law, the Scottish education system, and the Church of Scotland have been three factors contributing to the continuation of Scottish culture and Scottish national identity since the Union. However, Scotland is no longer a sovereign state and does not have direct membership of either the United Nations or the European Union.

The climate of Scotland is temperate and oceanic, and tends to be very changeable. It is warmed by the Gulf Stream from the Atlantic, and as such has much milder winters (but cooler, wetter summers) than areas on similar latitudes, for example Oslo or Moscow. However, temperatures are generally lower than in the rest of the UK, with the coldest ever UK temperature of -27.2°C (-16.96°F) recorded at Braemar in the Grampian Mountains, on 11 February 1895 and 10 January 1982 and also at Altnaharra, Highland, on 30 December 1995.[37] Winter maximums average 6°C (42.8°F) in the lowlands, with summer maximums averaging 18°C (64.4°F). The highest temperature recorded was 32.9°C (91.22°F) at Greycrook, Scottish Borders on 9 August 2003.

Most Popular Attractions in Scotland

Loch ness
One of the most famous lakes in the world, Loch Ness is the second largest loch in Scotland after Loch Lomond (and due to its great depth it is the largest by volume). About a mile wide at most places it holds the legend of an infamous sea monster. The most notorious mythical creature of modern time, Nessie, is said to dwell in the lake. With an air of mystery, the intriguing area of Loch Ness should not be missed. You might even get a glimpse of Nessie!

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle is a magnificent example of Scotland's architecture, ideology, political tact and military importance. High up on the summit of a dormant volcano lurks this dominating structure. Its presence is visible for miles in every direction. Intimidating all who would challenge them, the Scottish utilized Edinburgh Castle for all of their major battles and military strategizing.

Eilean Donan
Eilean Donan is a small island in Loch Duich in the western Highlands of Scotland. Connected to the mainland by a footbridge, the island is dominated by a picturesque medieval castle. The original castle was built in the early 13th century as a defense against the Vikings.

Ben Nevis
Situated deep into the highlands of Scotland, Ben Nevis is the British Isle's highest summit. Offering stunningly spectacular views and historical malice, Ben Nevis attracts viewers, hikers and climbers alike to celebrate the tranquility of the surrounding nature.

Broch of Mousa
One of the most prestigious and well-preserved brochs in the Shetland Islands, this impressive structure is a rotund tower lined with stone internally and externally to provide the optimum strength as a defensive structure. The tower was built around 100 BC and is the only broch which is complete right to the top, including the original intramural stair.

Melrose abbey
Melrose Abbey was founded in 1136 by Cistercian monks, on the request of King David I of Scotland. This grand ruin with lavish masonic decoration is thought to hold the embalmed heart of Robert the Bruce, another king of Scotland. Truly a place of legends, Melrose Abbey is one of the most historically significant architectural structures in Scotland.

Ardnamurchan Beach 
The atmosphere is quiet and beautiful scenery, that's the impression you get when visiting this beach. In addition, many marine habitats you rarely see such as whales, dolphins, seals, red deer, golden eagle and white eagle are also found there.

Glasgow Cathedral
Located about a mile to the east of George Square, the Cathedral has one of the finest post-war collections of stained-glass windows in Britain. Anyone visiting Glasgow Cathedral will be impressed with the stunning architecture and history.

The island of Arran and Orkney
Arran and Orkney islands shall exist in the list of your visit. Two islands in Scotland this is a place keep important secrets owned Scottish history. The two islands are located in the cold seas of Scotland, Arran and Orkney Island offers stunning views of the castle ruins, stone circles and ancient temples.

Blair Drummond Park
Blair Drummond Park is situated less than an hour's drive from both Glasgow and Edinburgh. You'll love this scotland tourist attractions, because in this place you can enjoy animals with wide open spaces. You can start off by driving through the animal reserves, then once you have parked you can take a walk through pets farm, visit the adventure areas, take in the falconry and sea lion displays, and visit chimp island.