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Why Rent an RV / Motorhome / Campervan?

Many people rent before buying to see if the lifestyle is right for them before making the commitment. Others do not want to invest their money for purchase, insurance, maintenance just to use the RV ( Recreational Vehicle ) / Motorhome or Campervan for a fraction of the year. Many travel in their rented RVs for part or all of their vacation, generally visiting national parks and scenic recreation areas. For additional fees, some rental companies will provide a fully stocked Recreational Vehicle / Motorhome or Campervan so that you can start your RV hire vacation straight away.

How many people will the vehicle sleep?
Depending on the model, Most standard Motorhomes / RV's or Campervans start from two berth and range up to to six or seven people. Travelers who like their space should take the vehicle's max berth as this will allow items like the table to remain up throughout the trip to ensure more comfort on your Motorhome Hire Vacation.

Do I need a special license or extra insurance?
Your regular driver's license will normally suffice but may change in certain countries. Insurance is mainly similar as with car rentals but conditions & charges will differ between rental companies.

How To Locate RV / Motorhome / Campervan Rental Companies
We have a wide range of rental companies to choose from on each country page (please see above). Choose your country of destination and there you will find a selection of Motorhome rental companies listed.